Using Bayesian algorithm to improved routing in VANETs
Using Bayesian algorithm to improved routing in VANETs
Volume 1, Issue 4, 2019, Page 155 - 163
Authors : faezeh Sadat Sonbolestan , Mehdi Abkari

Abstract :
The vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) tend to operate without infrastructure, allowing any vehicle to be tied to the network and being able to send, send or transmit messages with other features. In this way, vehicles can provide real-time information for exchanges and drivers to road traffic conditions and any information that continues to be of value. One of the well-known routing protocols in VANET networks is the AODV routing protocol. There are also problems with applying this routing protocol in VANET. In this paper, to improve routing in VANETs using Bayesian algorithm, we have simulated package delivery rate, packet loss rate and average end-to-end delay in ns 2 simulator software and compare the simulation results with AODV algorithm.

Keywords :
vehicular ad hoc network, Bayesian algorithm, AODV protocol, increase of package delivery rate, reduce of package loss rate, average end-to-end delay.