Smart home design with deep learning
Smart home design with deep learning
Volume 3, Issue 3, 2021, Page 45 - 49
Authors : mohammad hossein Modirrousta , kimi shirin rad

Abstract :
Smart building is one of the new construction technologies in the field of architecture that takes control of energy consumption and in addition to creating comfort and security in the building to optimize energy consumption and reduce its waste and save time and maintenance costs. The building helps a lot. Such systems are in full interaction with the environment and reduce degradation and damage to the environment. Currently, about 04% of the total energy consumption in the country in the sector Home and building. Office of National Building Regulations, Topic 91 Energy Saving 9914 In order to reduce the costs of the construction industry and reduce energy consumption and optimize it, the performance of building management and automation systems is more significant. With this attitude, in order to save energy better and more rationally in the country, the need for smartening Buildings and monitoring of the precise control system in buildings will become more and more familiar. Therefore, in the present study, scientific solutions using deep learning and energy management .

Keywords :
Key words: Smart building , construction ,technologies, architecture