An overview of IoT security challenges and solutions: A survey article
An overview of IoT security challenges and solutions: A survey article
Volume 3, Issue 3, 2021, Page 31 - 34
Authors : Fatemeh Bahari , Parisa Daneshjoo

Abstract :
A database management system is a broad term that refers to all the tools used to manage data. Database management systems are based on database models. These models are types of structures defined for data management. Relational databases have been used to store and retrieve data since 1979, but with the advent of the Internet and the development of web applications, data have been generated that are structurally impossible to store and maintain in relational databases. Therefore, in 2000, non-relational databases were designed and presented. Choosing the proper database model is a decision that software developers must make based on the features of each of these models. So, in this article, the features of relational and non-relational databases have been studied, compared and by knowing these features, the most appropriate model for storing and maintaining data can be selected. In this article, a comparison of different database models are performed and the study population includes conference papers, related journal articles published during the last 10 years. According to the studies and reviews conducted in this article, each of the database models has strengths and weaknesses that are based on these features and also the type and volume of data generated by applications, software developers can select the best model to store and retrieve data. Therefore, both models of the database will continue to operate and neither is better than the other and only based on their features and the generated data can be selected the appropriate model for storing information.

Keywords :
Non-relational database, Relational database, SQL, NOSQL