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The Role of Information and Communication Technology in Mathematics Education (Case Study: Ardebil Municipality applied –Sciences and technology education Center)
Volume 1, Issue 2, 2019, Pages 114 - 120
Author(s) : davood noroozee bene* 1

1 Master of Applied Mathematics - University of Mohaghegh

Abstract :
Abstract The purpose of this study was to investigate the role of information and communication technology in the quality of mathematics education at Ardebil Municipality Applied Science Education Center in (2018-19). The statistical population consisted of 62 students who had taken a mathematics course in the mentioned academic year. A random sample of 31 students was selected from among these students. And the next 31 were considered as the control group. General mathematics instruction was provided for the first group using the IT tool and the second group was traditionally provided The raw data obtained from the individuals\\\' responses to the assessment test in two attributes of creativity and content sustainability and the questionnaire was analyzed in three attributes of increasing motivation, quality of learning and active learning, using t-test The results showed the positive and direct impact of applying information technology in mathematics education on students\\\' motivation, learning quality, creativity promotion, sustainability of learning materials and active learning of students.
Keywords :
Keywords: Mathematics, Information and Communication Technology, Education.