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Responsibility and legal obligations of Cyberspace platforms in Iran and the European Union
Volume 4, Issue 1, 2022, Pages 26 - 39
Author(s) : Hassan Yeganeh* 1 , Darab Solat Ghashghaei 2

1 Assistant Professor of ICT Regulation and Organizing Research Group, Strategic Studies and Digital Economy Centre, ICT Research Institute (ITRC)

2 Researcher , ITRC

Abstract :
Considering the unprecedented development and expansion of online platforms in the country and the increase in their commercial exchanges, it is very important to determine the liability of these platforms based on the existing laws and regulations in the country. For this reason, this article, with a comparative study, deals with determining the framework of laws and regulations governing the civil liability of platforms and their legal obligations in Iran and the European Union, focusing on the laws and regulations in these two regions. This article aims to provide a ground for identifying the rights and duties of cyberspace platforms by determining the legal framework, as well as studying these liabilities in the laws of the European Union. In this regard, this article seeks to provide solutions to amend the existing laws and regulations in order to help the growth and development of the platforms and protect the rights of the persons related to them.
Keywords :
Cyberspace platforms. civil liability .Vicarious liability .legal Obligations