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A framework for risk management in XP development process
Volume 4, Issue 1, 2022, Pages 1 - 7
Author(s) : Alireza Rabiei Kashanaki* 1 , Elham Farahani 2

1 PhD in Computer Engineering, Sharif University of Technology

2 PhD in Computer Engineering, Sharif University of TechnologyTehran, Iran

Abstract :
Risks are an integral part of any software project. Risks in the software development project environment need to be carefully identified so as not to lead to project failure. Proper identification and monitoring of risk factors can ensure the success of software development projects and software quality. The agile process in a project must be adapted to an agile environment in which the focus is on development in smaller iterations and changes often occur and a client is expected to be very involved in the process. This naturally affects the risks that agile projects may face. As a result, software companies need an explicit risk management process to reduce risks and address problems before they occur and to control overall project management. Therefore, in this paper, a framework for integrating risk management based on ISO31000 in agile development projects is presented and for this, XP methodology is considered as an agile method. The main objectives of this framework are to improve the risk management mechanism in XP and increase the success rate of the XP project.
Keywords :
Risks - XP Methodology - Risk Management - Framework - Software Development Project