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Overview and Comparing Secure Virtual Machines Algorithms in Cloud Environments
Volume 4, Issue 1, 2022, Pages 14 - 25
Author(s) : Alireza Karami* 1 , Elham Farahani 2

1 Master student, Department of Computer Engineering, Iranian University, Tehran, Iran

2 PhD in Computer Engineering, Sharif University of Technology

Abstract :
Today, in order to reduce energy consumption in the cloud environment, virtualization and dynamic placement of Virtual Machines(VMs) are used, which helps cloud suppliers to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs of infrastructures and platforms. However, security risks of sharing resources have been identified as one of the main concerns in using cloud computing environments. In particular, an attacker could attack a VM and extend its attack to other VMs that are together in a Physical Machine(PM). The worst-case scenario is when the hypervisor is also compromised, in which case all VMs allocated to the physical node will be at security risk. Therefore, in this study, we have reviewed, categorized and compared the secure algorithms of VM placement, and finally, the shortcomings and challenges in the current algorithms are presented, which can pave the way for the introduction of new secure algorithms.
Keywords :
Virtual Machine Placement, Virtual Machines, Security Threats, Algorithms, Cloud Environment, Virtualization